July 19, 2017

78 - Kingdom Hearts III - I Call Bullshit

Jason's not sure what the hell some of the stuff he bought is, John's playing dat Matsuno ish, and Franky got himself a Switch! Want a Nintendo 64 Classic? We've found putting together more than a dozen games for that thing is going to be a tough one. Oh yeah, Kingdom Hearts III has some release window of 2018 that's totally not going to happen.

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And here's the music we used for this week's show!

Intro - Games and Junk theme music by Visager

Outro - Clash on the Big Bridge ~Final Fantasy XII Version~ - Final Fantasy XII - Hitoshi Sakimoto 

Extra Segment Lead-In - Brave Way - Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean - Motoi Sakuraba


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